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Stopping acting animals: essential to fight against illegal trade

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The importance of raising your voice

The well-known restaurant booking platform ElTenedor released an ad in which they used a young chimp. MONA took action and launched a petition demanding that the brand withdraw it. Within a few days, more than 36,000 people had signed the petition on Change.org, and ElTenedor withdrew its advertising campaign and promised not to use chimpanzees or other wild animals in their commercials.

We want to congratulate ElTenedor for making the right decision and being so receptive to our message. Surely they will serve as an inspiration for many other brands that, due to ignorance, continue to use wild animals in their advertising campaigns.

Why is it important that ElTenedor withdrew its ad with a young chimpanzee? 

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Katy’s health check at the vet’s

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Katy, a victim of illegal trade and exploited as a tourist attraction, soon ceased to be “useful” to her owner. That is when, in 2002, she is rescued by MONA.

Katy is a Barbary Macaque female about 16 years old. Her life has not been easy, nor his recovery and rehabilitation in MONA.

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Isn’t a joke…

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“He has hit to the grandmother!” Several people laugh in a video of a chimpanzee throwing his droppings to the public who jelly in a Michigan zoo.

Miquel Llorente, president of the Primatological Association of Spain and responsible of the Research Department at Fundación MONA, recalls that the video may seem funny, but it is not. The chimpanzee “feels invaded”, it does not help that the public is higher than him and also, the animal does not have space to hide from the visitors, that are often “invasive and impolite”, especially when they  ” hit the glass and scream to catch the attention of animals “.

The chimpanzee, therefore, is not playing with visitors, if not quite the opposite. Chimpanzees, explains Miquel Llorente, ” are very intelligent animals able to put themselves in the other’s place and to understand that they are laughing at him.” These apes have learned that “throwing stool causes rejection and causes the public to move away”, thereby achieving finally some peace.

Source: http://verne.elpais.com/verne/2017/04/05/articulo/1491382580_727928.html

World Animal Day

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Today, as every 4th of October since 1931, the World Animal Day is celebrated.

The purpose of this day is to remember the importance of all species of animals with whom we share the planet and creating a culture of respect for them. Humans are not a superior being. They don’t have the right to impose their power over the other species of animals making them victims of their selfishness and cruelty. There is no difference between them. So we should help, respect, love, admire and protect each other. And above all, we must convey this message to the world giving our voice to those who do not have it.

Today, 4th of October, during the World Animal Day, help us to spread the current situation of primates. With just showing it, we would be able to cope with the threats these species face. Help us to raise awareness of the need to protect the nature and our closest evolutionary relatives. Scream to the world: I AM PART OF THE SOLUTION!

Do you want to join us and convey this message?

We invite you to post your messages and / or photos in your social networks with #worldanimalday, #iampartofthesolution and #fundaciomona to raise awareness of the importance and respect for other species.

Join us and be part of the solution today.

Cheeta ‘s first steps!

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Being the “new guy” is not always easy. CHEETA however makes it look very easy this time.

When she arrived at MONA she was obviously nervous and confused, but Cheeta swiftly demonstrated that she is a strong and intelligent female, who enjoys every moment of her life. She got quickly accustomed to her new home and after only a few days was ready to meet her new family.

Tico, Africa, Tom, Bea, Nico, Coco, Waty and Victor… by now she has met them all already (one by one) and each encounter was a bit different but to sum it all up… it went very very well. There were a few tense moments, slow approaches due to mistrust but also a lot of playing, laughing and hugging…

But instead of wasting time trying to put it all in words, we suggest you have a look at this video to see for yourself how well her new life at MONA started. And don´t worry, there are many more updated, photos and videos to follow!

Welcome Cheeta!

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After a long wait, last night Cheeta, our new guest, has arrived at Fundación MONA.
Last Monday, Didi Crailsheim, one of our head keepers, traveled to Oasis Park in Fuerteventura, to meet her and discover what she likes and fears. The day after, MONA’s director Olga Feliu and our vet Josep Badia joined them in order to make Cheeta’s transition easier. That way, once in our facilities at Riudellots de la Selva (Girona), she would have someone she already knows and trusts.
Thursday morning, Cheeta flew directly to Madrid and later we drove her to Riudellots in a van. The trip went well, with no surprises. In these first days, we are lucky to have here Vicente, one of her favorite keepers, so that the change won’t be too traumatic for her. They have been friends her whole life, for he raised her when she was confiscated and moved to the Oasis Park and they had a special relationship for more than 28 years.
When Cheeta entered what would be her new indoor facility, there was no delay or second thoughts and she just passed smoothly from her transportation cage over to her new home. This morning, Cheeta happily greeted the keepers who one after another went to meet her. She was really calm and as soon as the sun started shining, we gave her access to socialization cages. She went out very quickly and again very calm and vocalizing happiness. The other chimpanzees at MONA heard her from a distance and responded to her vocalizations, which means that they now know there’s a “new girl” in the house.
When she went out for the first time a group of journalists was already waiting for her, to witness and record this special moment. After exploring her new home, Cheeta chose one of the higher hammocks so that she could see everything better. We already noticed she likes high places back in Oasis Park and tried to provide her with similar possibilities. We’re looking forward to getting to know her better and discover more about her personality.
Before she can be integrated with others of her species, Cheeta has to go through an adjustment period, but we’re sure she will be glad to join the others and enjoy the company of other chimps once again.
¡ We’ll keep you posted!

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