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World Animal Day

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Today, as every 4th of October since 1931, the World Animal Day is celebrated.

The purpose of this day is to remember the importance of all species of animals with whom we share the planet and creating a culture of respect for them. Humans are not a superior being. They don’t have the right to impose their power over the other species of animals making them victims of their selfishness and cruelty. There is no difference between them. So we should help, respect, love, admire and protect each other. And above all, we must convey this message to the world giving our voice to those who do not have it.

Today, 4th of October, during the World Animal Day, help us to spread the current situation of primates. With just showing it, we would be able to cope with the threats these species face. Help us to raise awareness of the need to protect the nature and our closest evolutionary relatives. Scream to the world: I AM PART OF THE SOLUTION!

Do you want to join us and convey this message?

We invite you to post your messages and / or photos in your social networks with #worldanimalday, #iampartofthesolution and #fundaciomona to raise awareness of the importance and respect for other species.

Join us and be part of the solution today.

Be part of the solution for these animals today