Katy’s health check at the vet’s

Katy’s health check at the vet’s

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Katy, a victim of illegal trade and exploited as a tourist attraction, soon ceased to be “useful” to her owner. That is when, in 2002, she is rescued by MONA.

Katy is a Barbary Macaque female about 16 years old. Her life has not been easy, nor his recovery and rehabilitation in MONA. Katy went from being the undisputed leader of the macaque group to becoming the “last monkey” (never better said) in the group’s hierarchy. Her low position in the hierarchy, along with other factors, has been able to have an impact on her health. Lately, we have seen Katy apathetic and physically faded. That is why, last Friday, April 28, we made her an exhaustive review of the hand of our veterinarian Josep in El VellMarí Center Veterinari.

For us and our rescued primates a visit to the vet is quite an adventure but, fortunately, everything went well. Apparently, and according to the physical exploration, everything is in order. We are waiting to get the results of the analytics, but it seems that our Katy is strong as an oak and enjoys extraordinary health. So much so, that during this last week she seemed to be climbing positions in the hierarchy! But, shhhhhh… We do not want to say it too loud to make it come true and Katy can have a happier life if it fits.

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