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Can I have a primate as a pet?

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Do you like primates? The love most people have for them is innate. Their appearance (big eyes and expressive faces) is also typical of human babies so, as it happens with them, when we see a primate we need to take care of it.

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Isn’t a joke…

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“He has hit to the grandmother!” Several people laugh in a video of a chimpanzee throwing his droppings to the public who jelly in a Michigan zoo.

Miquel Llorente, president of the Primatological Association of Spain and responsible of the Research Department at Fundación MONA, recalls that the video may seem funny, but it is not. The chimpanzee “feels invaded”, it does not help that the public is higher than him and also, the animal does not have space to hide from the visitors, that are often “invasive and impolite”, especially when they  ” hit the glass and scream to catch the attention of animals “.

The chimpanzee, therefore, is not playing with visitors, if not quite the opposite. Chimpanzees, explains Miquel Llorente, ” are very intelligent animals able to put themselves in the other’s place and to understand that they are laughing at him.” These apes have learned that “throwing stool causes rejection and causes the public to move away”, thereby achieving finally some peace.

Source: http://verne.elpais.com/verne/2017/04/05/articulo/1491382580_727928.html

JANE GOODALL: An inspiring story

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Every afternoon, Albert meets with the kids of the summer camp to tell them true stories about exceptional people.

This time he tells the fascinating story of Jane Goodall and how she followed her heart and achieved her lifelong dream.

Sabrina Kraus

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Playing with EVA to change the world

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Dekimba is a project born with the desire to provide an education more compassionate, respectful and fair with other animal species. They opt for the realisation of educational leisure activities, training in humane education and collaboration with defence agencies and animal protection, searching and distribution of existing materials and creating their own materials.

This last line of work has begun with EVA, a cooperative board game for children from 4 years. The game show the story of Eva, a chimpanzee captured in her natural habitat and forced to work in films and television, which manages to escape thanks to a neglect of her caregivers. Participants have the opportunity to help her escaping to a refuge of primates. It is perfect for groups of children who start playing board games, because it is short and exciting.

Dekimba believes that collaboration between institutions, projects and professionals involved in the paradigm shift is essential to achieve real changes for the other animals. Therefore, of each game sold, 2 euros will be destined to Fundació MONA.

Playing, the children are drawing what will be their world, full of values and meanings. The game gives them the freedom to test, investigate and get into the skin of countless characters, living all kinds of situations. Between imagination and reality, they build their personality based on experiences, human relations and the environment. If we give them the opportunity to learn a different way of relating to other animals, more in keeping with a truly humane society, we are betting on a better future for all.

EVA, along with other stories and games, can be achieved on the web www.dekimba.org.

Source: El Caballo de Nietzsche

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