Caregiver six months

The work of volunteers is supervised and monitored daily by the head and/or an expert caregiver. Of all applications received a selection is made two months before the start of each period. The chosen volunteer will go through a 1-month trial at the beginning of the volunteering period. Volunteer periods are set up according to the needs of the center.

Cleaning the animal’s bedrooms, construction and maintenance of the structures of the facilities, organizing enrichment activities, preparation and administration of primate diets and behavioral records of their behavior. They can also participate in gardening tasks, customer service, or other administrative tasks, depending on the skills of the volunteer.

  • Availability for at least six months. Volunteers with previous experience in primate care have the possible option of a minimum of three months.
  • Knowledge of Catalan, Spanish and/or English.
  • Minimum age: 20 years.
  • To be in good physical and mental condition, emotionally mature, energetic, patient and positive. Ability to work in both teams and alone. Self-starter, willing to take initiative, and self-motivated.
  • Volunteers who are not of the European community have to offer guarantees to obtain the visa for six months.
  • Volunteers must pass the course of ethology taught at the center.

  • 5 days a week (which may include the weekend).
  • 8 hours a day, starting at 9am and finishing at 6 (winter) or 8 (summer).

  • Other important factors are: the commitment to the goals and philosophy of MONA, high motivation to work with few resources and under adverse weather conditions.
  • Room and board not included.

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