Volunteer support has been the key to making this project a reality. Without volunteers it would be a very difficult day to day in the center, they are indispensable. We want to thank all of you that have taken time to make this world a better one.

Types of volunteering:

The work of volunteers is supervised and monitored daily by the head and/or an expert caregiver. Of all applications received a selection is made two months before the start of each period. The chosen volunteer will go through a 1-month trial at the beginning of the volunteering period. Volunteer periods are set up according to the needs of the center.


MONA Foundation offers internships and course credit to students with the opportunity to work in our center training in primate care-taking. For this there must be an agreement between the institution and our center.

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MONA is a renowned center for the training of people who want to gain experience working with primates. Since 2015 we have been an entity accredited by the Spanish National Agency to receive volunteers and also send volunteers abroad to carry out projects financed by the European Commission.

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Be part of the solution for these animals today