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MONOvarietal wine returns: Bea, Pipa and… one more surprise!

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For some years now La Vinyeta, 2018 best winery, is collaborating with MONA. And we are very happy to announce the collaboration of 2019! MONOvarietal returns. Again, two wines, a white one, “Pipa” (one of our Barbary macaques) and a black one, “Bea” (one of our chimpanzees). Two more bottles to add to the collection!

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Mona at full speed

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Our new partner is passionate about primates, but also about speed. He knows of the difficult situation that these animals are going through and that is why, knowing our work, he did not hesitate to help us by uniting his two passions. 

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CHIMP&FEST: music, good vibes & solidarity!

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The 1st CHIMP&FEST promised music, good vibes, rock & roll and solidarity, and that’s how it was!

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A luxurious collaboration

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The great barcelonian photographer, a living legend in her field, Colita, has gifted us with her art.

The camera and the talent of Colita have witnessed the years of suffering in absolute solitude and terrible conditions lived by the primates that now recover in MONA. Her photographs rediscover us these rescued primates, their unknown looks and the strength of their personalities.

Help them by purchasing our MONA 2017 Solidarity Calendar!

Enamona’t : a school project by La Salle Cassà

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The school year is over and brings to an end the great work done by the La Salle Cassà school.

This past semester, the students carried out an entrepreneur project with a clear objective: helping MONA Foundation and its rescued primates. This wonderful project involved the entire school : they got to know more about our center and the rescued primates and what can be done to help them.

Their work has been very helpful. One of the main objectives of MONA is awareness, as we believe that it is the main key element to achieving the correct protection and conservation of these species. La Salle Cassà, with their project, they have helped us get closer to these goals.

By the time we learned more about project, ENAMONA’T, we fell in love not only with the idea but also the students, who made this all possible. We were proud to see their real involment and enthusiasm about MONA and this projet. They are great role models.


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