MONOvarietal wine returns: Toni and Katy

MONOvarietal wine returns: Toni and Katy

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For some years now La Vinyeta, 2018 best winery, is collaborating with MONA. And we are very happy to announce the collaboration of 2020! MONOvarietal returns. Again, two wines, a white one, “Katy” (one of our Barbary macaques) and a black one, “Toni” (one of our chimpanzees). Two more bottles to add to the collection!

They are called Mono because they are wines made from a single grape variety. In the case of white wine, malvasia has been used and, for black wine, Monastrell, two very old varieties from the Empordà that La Vinyeta has recovered.

These wines are suitable for vegans. No animal derivative or gelatine has been used in their production process.

Km0, autochthonous products, of an excellent quality, made with soul for a project with soul.



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