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CHIMP&FEST: music, good vibes & solidarity!

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The 1st CHIMP&FEST promised music, good vibes, rock & roll and solidarity, and that’s how it was!

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Fantastic II Edition of “La Cursa de las Monas” thanks to you!

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Last weekend we experienced together the second edition of the “La Cursa de las Monas”, a day of sport, joy and solidarity. Everyone there  ran for the primates of MONA Foundation.

But this event would not have been possible without all the volunteers who decided to work with us. Thank you guys, thanks for wanting to be part of our family!

Thank you to all the support companies: Frit Ravich, Bellsolá, EPIDOR Radicalmente Moritz, Restaurant les Oliveres, Forn de Llenya Cresell, COFFEE Cafeteria, Patronat de Turisme de Girona, Catalunya Caixa, Audax Energía, Ajuntament de Riudellots de la Selva, Consell Comarcal del Gironès i Diputació de Girona.

And to the participants : it would not have been possible without you all. No matter if you were walking or running, all of you put on enthusiasm and effort, and did it for them and only for them: our rescued chimpanzees and macaques. Thanks for that! And thanks for the constant support in every step we take.

In our Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/FundacioMONA/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1173846709321779) you will find a small compilation of the great day lived. Thanks again for participating and being part of this great event for primates.

See you in future editions of “La Cursa de las Monas”!

W.A.Mozart with Fundación MONA!

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Did you know that W.A.Mozart was known to be an animal lover, as were his sister Anna and the rest of his family?

If he would still be alive today he would surely be thrilled by the idea of using his music in order to help improve the lives of animals, such as the primates housed at Fundación MONA.

And that´s what is going to happen, his music will be one of the main acts in our first charity concert organized by Fundación MONA!

Three international renowed artists are coming together to offer a musical festival: Patricia de No (flutist), Júlia Farrés (soprano) and Cristina Casale ( piano).

We hope to see you all there, having in mind that this MONA project is only possible thanks to all of you!

Location: Casa de Cultura Plaça del Hospital, 6, Girona

Date:  25th of February 2016

Time: 19:30h

Price: 10 €

Limited places! Go ahead and grab yours!

If you can not attend, you can also collaborate in this charity event acquiring a virtual ticket to the zero row.

Wild portraits

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Have you ever heard of Wild Portrait? It is a moving art and science exhibition put together by La Mandarina de Newton and the Fundació MONA, with the help of the city of Barcelona.

A couple of conferences will be organized while the exhibition is open (from January to April 2016) that will have for main focus to introduce the world of primotogoly to the visitors through the Mona Foundation and their research project on the esthetic abilities of non human primates.

You still haven’t gone to see Wild Portrait? It’s free! It’s open everyday, so feel free to stop by anytime to go see the paintings done by the chimps from Mona. (Calle Montseny, 12, Barcelona)

Y0u will be amazed! Look at these to paintings, they were done by Coco and Victor … What do you see?



Be part of the solution for these animals today