MONAeduca 2022: environmental education for the new times

MONAeduca 2022: environmental education for the new times

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We review with you the 20 years of our Environmental Education Unit, the present and the novelties for 2022. And in case you don’t know them yet, we introduce you to the team of professionals behind the unit.


20 years working, and from the beginning, we have committed and invested resources to offer quality environmental education, an indispensable tool for change for the better in society.

The educational guided tours which are adaptable for everyone and all ages, have always been in small groups so as to not interfere with the primates’ welfare.

Over the years we have carried out scientific studies to measure their impact on the primates, and the results have left us very satisfied: our respectful system can even have a positive impact on the primates housed at MONA. A welfare audit system and an educational approach that can be exported to other sanctuaries.

Visita el campus vitualPRESENT

100% of school days in 2021/22 reserved for educational on-site activities at MONA

3205students between 8 and 18 years old have participated in MONA’s own study to measure the effectiveness of environmental education. Regardless of the academic level, we can certify that most of them chose PRO conservation answers in the questionnaires after the visit.

2022is the year in which we make the definitive leap to the online world by creating the MONA VIRTUAL CAMPUS. In addition, thanks to a cutting-edge camera system, we can reach the whole world to continue with our work of awareness-raising and environmental education.


We will continue with our guided visits on-site and design new workshops. 

Furthermore, our idea of the future of environmental education is to gain more and more virtual space. In this way, we break down the barriers of distance and reach everywhere. We are ready to offer, among others:

  • activities and virtual tours in several languages from pre-school to secondary school,
  • support for high school students
  • online classes for university degrees and masters

We will bring environmental education to many more people, without overcrowding the rescue centre and maintaining the welfare of our rescued primates.


Meet the team of MONAeduca

Tot això no seria posible sense comptar amb un gran equip de professionals, altament format i encara més compromés.

David Riba

Bachelor´s Degree in History and Anthropology at the University of Barcelona.
Master´s degree in Prehistoric Archeology and Human Evolution at the University of Rovira and Virgili.
Researcher at the IPHES and MONA’s Research Unit.
Head of MONA’s Environmental Education Department.

Magali Joffre

Degree in Biology from the University of Salamanca.
Master in Primatology Fund.UdG-F.MONA.
Master’s Degree in Teacher Training from the Isabel I University of Burgos.
Leisure and free time Monitor course by the MSC School of Castilla y León.
Department of Environmental Education.

Marti Masip

Graduated in History from UAB.
Master in Primatology Fund.UdG -Fundación MONA.
Master’s Degree in Secondary Education Teaching from the International University of La Rioja.
Department of Environmental Education.


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