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VII Iberian Primatology Conference

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Empathy, Education and Conservation: Primates in a shared world

This year the event took place in Lisbon and this is where our Research team flew, along with some of the students of the Masters in Primatology of Fundació Universitat de Girona and Fundació MONA (http://masterprimatologiaudg.com).

The presentations were very interesting and enriching, showing a good “level of health” of Iberian Primatology. As always, new bonds and future collaborations were created in order to continue learning about our evolutionary family and working for their conservation and well-being. And we came back with a great reward for our work: winning 4 of the 5 awards were handed out:

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Working for the last langurs of Vietnam

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“After my plane trip to Hanoi, I had to wait for hours for the bus that would take me to my destination. My first trip on my own, the only non-local there and I’m almost 1.90m, I didn’t go unnoticed…” Martí Masip tells me among laughter after his 6 month practical placement as part of his Masters degree in Primatology. He enthusiastically transmits his experience and tells me that he is very much looking forward to studying more primate groups.

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