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LiberPress is also MONA

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Yesterday, Wednesday 7th of October, the Fundació MONA team changed the work clothes to attend the gala ceremony of the LiberPress2016 awards.


Team members of Fundació MONA minutes before the start of the awards ceremony LiberPress 2016.

The gala, held at the Auditori de Girona, was full of illusion, nervousness, hope but above all, solidarity and humanity. There were many winners, different organizations and worldwide individuals that we want to congratulate for their daily struggle for the goals achieved and the ones that will be reached.

This was a night of mixed feelings, happy to be together, but not wishing to be, because this would mean the end of the injustices in the world.

Thanks to LiberPress for letting us being part of it. We are so grateful for this recognition which gives us more strength to keep fighting day after day for the protection and welfare of primates.


Fundació MONA, LiVerdPress 2016 award

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The LiberPress Association has announced the winners in recognition of the solidarity and humanity of individuals and organizations worldwide. Initially, the LiberPress award was only given in the field of journalism but now other categories have been added as the award dedicated to the environment given this year to Fundació MONA.


Fundació Mona will receive the LiVerdPress award in recognition of the work of rescue and rehabilitation of primates that have been abused, working to raise awareness of the need to respect the animals and creating a network of young researchers and activists in favor of animal dignified existence.

The awards ceremony, which will be attended by all the winners, will be the 6th of October in the Girona Auditorium. the president of the Association, Charles McCragh, said it will be a “deep, pleasant and emotional” act where once again will bring together individuals and organizations of a “high quality” that are an “example for all humanity” .

Be part of the solution for these animals today