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Dentist appointment!

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Toni had not been the same for days; Apathetic, afflicted and with little appetite, he was having difficulties for eating. Something wasn’t right on he and we suspected that the problem was in his teeth. This theory was confirmed by Gerardo, the dentist, after a review. Just a few days later, Gerardo came to the Recovery Center to perform a more exhaustive check that finally ended up becoming a 2 hour intervention! Finally, and thanks to Gerardo, we were able to shed light on Toni’s problem: one of his teeth had broken off causing him an unpleasant and annoying infection.

The surprise came the next day when Toni woke up more cheerful than ever, playful and affectionate, even encouraging himself to eat carrots!

This improvement is due to him, Gerardo, who comes to our rescue whenever we need him. Africa, Toni, Tico and all the primates rescued by MONA are more than grateful for his care, attention and sensitivity.

Thank you Dr. Gerardo Ruales Suárez for improving the quality of life of our rescued primates!

Toni and Nico, happier thanks to ANNABIS from GREEN MOTIV, S.L.

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Greenmotiv born from the demand of natural, alternative and innovative therapeutic products in the Spanish market. The innovation is given by the common active ingredient in all products distributed: hemp.

Through their innovation and their new line of natural products indicated to relieve muscle and joint pain, Nico and Toni, two chimpanzees with strong physical problems, will enjoy a better health, thereby increasing their welfare.

Thank you from the whole team of primates, humans and non humans of MONA, for your cooperation.

If you want to know more about them and their products, you can visit their website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

We are immensely grateful. MONA advances thanks to the addition of people like you.

Welcome to our team!

This october, coming to a screen near you : MONA

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If you’re going to the movie theater, buy some popcorn and sweets, sit in a comfy spot, and keep your eyes wide open because what you are going to see is this year’s most awaited tv spot : Mona´s!

Yes, yes, yes … you want to see it? Well, head to cines Albèniz movie theater! Before every screening and in every one of their theaters they play our tv spot on the big screen!

Thank you so much Vicens and the entire team over at cines Albéniz for helping us turning this project into reality and also for being one of Mona’s support companies.

Here at Mona we want to think people like you!

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