New primatology manual!

New primatology manual!

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Primates. Biología, comportamiento y evolución (Primates: Biology, Behaviour and Evolution) aims to open up primatology to students, professionals and all those interested in learning about the behaviour, biology and evolution of non-human primates. It will be of special interest to students of biology, psychology, environmental sciences and anthropology, staff members of primate rescue centres or other zoological institutions, and academics at both secondary and university level.

Over eight chapters, the reader is presented with an introduction to primate behaviour, evolution, taxonomy, behavioural ecology, ontogenetic development, sexual behaviour, social behaviour, cognitive ability and cultural traditions. The content – rigorous and comprehensive but presented in a straightforward, readable way – provides for those who seek a first contact with primatology, or an up-to-date review of the discipline. The book features photographs, illustrations and diagrams to enhance understanding of the text.

Primates is the first manual of primatology published in Spanish that brings together in a single volume the main themes and areas of research of this still young discipline in an up-to-date case study, and provides a unique reference source for Spanish speaking countries.


Miquel Llorente (Barcelona, 1976), graduated in psychology from the Universitat de Barcelona and completed his PhD in the same discipline at the Universitad Ramon Llull (Blanquerna). Awarded the “Special Doctorate Prize” for his thesis on manual laterality and hemispherical specialization in chimpanzees, he undertook postgraduate studies in neuropsychology at the Instituto de Neurociencias y Salud

Mental de Barcelona. Currently he is the director of the Institut de Recerca i Estudis en Primatologia (IPRIM) and heads the ethological investigation at the Fundació Mona. He is a member of the team investigating social, cultural and biological evolution during the Pleistocene epoch at the Institut Català de Paleoecologia Humana I Evolució Social (IPHES), has been President of the Asociación Primatológica Española (APE) since 2014, and directs the postgraduate and Master in Primatology programmes at the Universitat de Girona, where he is Associate Professor of Basic Psychology. He teaches postgraduate anthrozoology at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, where he lectures and attends conferences on themes related to primatology, psychology and animal welfare.

His research is centered mainly on the evolutionary and comparative study of cognitive processes, social behavior and welfare of non-human primates in captivity, and concentrates on the rehabilitation and resocialization of chimpanzees and the comparative study of personality and psychopathology. He is also involved in various research projects, animal rescue centres and conservation projects in Mexico, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Mozambique, Zambia, Sierra Leone, Senegal, Indonesia, the United Kingdom, Germany and Portugal.


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