Bongo gets older!

Bongo gets older!

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A day like today but 15 years ago, i was living in the circus, the place of my birth. For the vast majority, the circus is synonymous with laughter, light, color and happiness, but my reality was different … Darkness, loneliness, isolation, suffering and fear invaded me. I could not stand being away from home, separated from my family, forced to act to amuse others. For me, the circus was the greatest expression of sadness.

Fortunately, today I awakened in a very different place to the circus where I had lived. I woke up at home, surrounded by my family: my old brothers, Charlie and Marco; my little brothers and fellow mischief, Juanito and Nico; my life partner, my sister Waty … and of course, my family of human primates. They knew that today was a special day because… 16 years are not met every day! So they have prepared this surprise. Although they do not know they have done me the greatest gift they could make me: a second chance.

Come on! Take a look at the video. You are also invited to my birthday party!

Would you like to make me a gift on this special day?


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