GRANTS FOR VOLUNTEERS: European Solidarity Corps


MONA is a renowned center for the training of people who want to gain experience working with primates. Since 2015 we have been an entity accredited by the Spanish National Agency to receive volunteers and also send volunteers abroad to carry out projects financed by the European Commission.

The participants enjoy an enriching learning experience, with all expenses covered during their stay abroad or in the same country. This program is called the EUROPEAN SOLIDARITY CORPS.

MONA also profits

MONA can be your sending organization: If you are a resident of Spain and want to have an experience working abroad, within the animal sector or not, we can help you with the research, and offer you support and training during your volunteer project.

MONA can be your host organization: At certain times of the year, we advertise openings for people who would like to come and volunteer for a long period (12 months) at MONA. The volunteer will carry out activities as a Primate Caregiver but will also acquire competencies in other areas of work within the organization.

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