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Working for Solidarity

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Given the alarming situation of COVID-19, our volunteers had the opportunity to say ” I am going to go back to my country and take shelter under the blanket next to my Mum”, but they did not consider this option for a second and that is admirable.

    We speak with Alba Gómara, coordinator of Volunteering and the European Solidarity Corps projects, and co-head of the Primate Rehabilitation and Rescue Department. 

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The Judeo-Christian tradition and the current pandemic of Covid19

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Image 1. The Vitruvian Man (1470). Leonardo da Vinci. Symbolic reference of humanism that places man at the center of the entire universe.

The anthropocentric vision of western society regarding the natural environment has also contributed to the current state of pandemics

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The world’s cutest and sweetest “mona” is now available!

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The “cutest Mona” returns and will be a special post-confinement piece
Like many other celebrations, this year’s Mona Day will be very different in many homes.

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International Macaque Day

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On the 16th of March we celebrate International Macaque Day. Many Macaque species are endangered and this is what makes this Day so important. The day is designed to raise awareness of the decline in populations due to deforestation and the pet trade. It is agreed that unless urgent action is taken now, some macaque species will be lost from the wild in as little as 10-15 years!

Even in areas where there are large macaque populations, the effect of humans has an undesirable influence on the lives of these animals, as seen in these videos after the appearance of the coronavirus and the disappearance of tourists. It has been the loss of habitat that has pushed them to become dependent on humans and they now face a survival challenge due to the lack of natural resources.

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All activities in MONA are postponed

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To avoid the risk of coronavirus transmission, we have decided that Fundación MONA closes its doors to the public until further notice. If you have booked a visit or a Spring course, you do not need to call us, we are contacting each of you in order of reservations.

We do it not only to follow with the guidelines of the Authorities, to avoid activities where a more or less numerous group of people meets, but also because of the uncertainty that the virus can spread

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Steven Wise, 30 years of legal fight for chimpanzees

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On February 14 we had the best Valentine’s gift: the visit of Steven Wise.

We were able to listen to and share experiences and concerns with one of the people who have been fighting to change the legal status of sentient beings, such as chimpanzees. Why? For them to obtain fundamental rights and not be considered as mere things, like a pencil. And with a reference to a pencil he begins this wonderful TED talk:

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Spring courses 2020- Primatology

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We have organized new courses for 2020!

Next spring trainning in primatology at MONA. Don’t miss this learning opportunity at a primate sanctuary.

More information:

Storm gloria visits us

Since last Sunday we have activated the protocol for flood risk in the center. We are prepared for the rains and the risk of flooding of the rivers these days.

Primates are well, well cared for by the tireless and dedicated team of caregivers.

We will keep you informed of the news.

“Scarred for life: the other side of pet and entertainment chimpanzees”

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Early living conditions greatly  affect their social capacities

A recent study published in the scientific journal  PLoS ONE, based on data collected over 12 years on former pet and entertainment chimpanzees housed at Fundació MONA, highlights that early trauma affects chimpanzees’ grooming competencies throughout their life. 

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TV crew visits us to learn about Erasmus

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MONA is a renowned center for the training of people who want to gain experience working with primates. Since 2015 we are an entity accredited by the Spanish National Agency to receive and also send volunteers abroad to carry out projects financed by the European Commission.

Hence, we recently had the visit of a TV crew from RTVE. They showcased the experience of one or our dearest European Solidarity Corps volunteer, who enjoys an Erasmus grant.

If you missed it (MONA from minute 13.30 on):


If you wish to apply for an Eramus grant yourself and be a volunteer at the European Solidarity Corps, here you have more info.



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