Working with wildlife – II AVAFES NATIONAL Conference

Working with wildlife – II AVAFES NATIONAL Conference

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At the beginning of this month, we attended the congress organised by the Veterinary Association for the Assistance to Exotic and Wild Fauna (AVAFES), where we were invited to present some of our research work.

This conference is intended as a scientific event where to expose and publicize various works related to wildlife and/or exotic fauna by those professionals or researchers who already carry out their work in this field and those who are beginning to take their first steps in the world of research, thus becoming a forum and a point of connection between professionals and students from various disciplines related to wildlife.


From MONA we went to talk about the role of rescue centres and issues affecting welfare:

The role of rescue centres beyond caring for rescued animals– by Olga Feliu, co-founder and CEO of MONA.

Implications of intergroup interaction in the social networks of two contiguous groups of chimpanzees housed in a rescue centre – by José Gil-Dolz, trainee student of the Master in Primatology UdG-MONA.

Does a bad night affect the diurnal behaviour of captive chimpanzees? – Pablo R. Ayuso, training and MONATYC coordinator.


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