5 actions against animal experimentation

5 actions against animal experimentation

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Following the recent news about the filtering of a video recorded in the facilities of a German laboratory, the debate on the use of animals for research has been rekindled. (Read article here).

In Europe it was legislated in 2013 to ban the use of animals in experimentation for cosmetics, but that does not mean that they are not used for test for other products and for biomedical research. It even includes exceptions, among others:

  • the laws of the recipient country (for example, if exported to China, animal testing is mandatory)
  • they are products that remain in stock from before the law was applied
  • some of the components are also used in other fields where tests on animals are allowed (eg cleaning products)
  • there is no alternative

And you don’t have to go far to hear about abuse of primates for research. Just 2 hours from our rescue center, there is a monkey farm that supplies laboratories, that have been denounced on more than one occasion for brutal treatment of their animals. The ADI (Animal Defender International) infiltrated and was able to take footages of the brutal handling by the staff and the overcrowding situation of the macaques. And that only is before they are sent to their terrifying final destinations.

And many ask us what you can do to not contribute to this and help eradicate it. From MONA we leave you these tips:

  1. Do not buy products tested on animals, download a Cruelty Free App: get one on your mobile, such as Cruelty Cutter or Bunny Free, it will be very useful when making your shopping because you can check with its barcode reader if the product has been tested or not in animals
  2. Inform the people around you about the alternatives they have when it comes to consuming cruelty free products
  3. Join the requests of the organizations that work to eradicate animal experimentation, so that they reach the companies that use them and the legislators
  4. Donate to these organizations, they need your economical help too in order to continue working
  5. Donate your body to science: yes, it will no longer be useful for you, but it can continue doing good to avoid suffering to other living beings

5 tips to help end animal testing




*Infography backround photo: Domitian, one of the Silver Spring macaques. Alex Pacheco of PETA – PETA CC BY 3.0

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