A permanent graffiti

A permanent graffiti

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The MonaSupport company Montana Colors gave us, with the help of Guillem Treze, a wonderful graffiti in our Primate Recovery Centre in Riudellots de la Selva. Unfortunately, the years have passed and the graffiti has been deteriorating, but we could not and did not want to allow it to disappear and Montana Colors set to work to restore it.

Thanks to this reform, the graffiti continues to amaze us as did its creator, Guillem Treze, who will always be with us in his murals, in the streets and, of course, in Mona, in this extraordinary graffiti he gave us and that so many people contemplate and admire. Hundreds of people have been photographed in it and now, thanks to Zurik, they can continue to do so, spreading his colour, energy and art around the world.


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