Did you guess the amount of nuts?


Did you guess the amount of nuts?

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When we were preparing OPEN MONA 2018, we never imagined that, of all the workshops proposed, the “Guess the Quantity” was going to be the most successful. There were many participants and each one had its own method of resolution: intuition, mathematical formulas… There was such a rivalry for getting the exact number of walnuts right that bets were made and even cheers among friends! That’s why we’re sure you’re looking forward to finding out who got it right… Eight people have been successful in indicating that in the urn there were… (beating of drums)

1200 walnuts!


As there could only be two winners, because we had two sacks of nuts, among the winners we had a draw. And the winners of an annual Bongo sponsorship and an 8 kg bag of delicious nuts, extra category, just collected, Km 0, are:

Martin Rios and Gúnter Cepek

But the others who got it right won’t go away empty-handed: in a few days you’ll also receive your sponsorship pack.

Congratulations to the winners and thank you all for participating in this fun game!

And many thanks to Nous Crespianes, because they made it possible.

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