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Touristcheck 360 also wants to help the primates!

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At 360 TOURISM MARKETING SERVICES they turn tourists into customers. Their objective is to enhance the visibility and impact of tourism companies in order to increase their sales and improve the return on their investment.

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Jane Goodall visits MONA

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On Friday May 27, Dr. Jane Goodall, world-renowned primatologist, gave us his presence in Girona with the conference What I Learnt from chimpanzees. About 1000 people attended the event!

The surprise came when the next morning, before leaving Spain; Dr. Jane Goodall decided to visit MONA. She did not miss the opportunity to see again our rescued chimpanzees and their evolution.

Taking this opportunity, we delivered the JANE GOODALL INSTITUTE  a check that will allow them to acquire the much-needed trap cameras to help chimpanzees in Senegal. Thanks to everyone for help and put your bit in this case.

It was a brief and unexpected visit that filled with enthusiasm to our team. Words fall short right now… we can only say: THANK YOU JANE, FOR ALL AND MORE.

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