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Paris Climate 2015 COP21

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These days in Paris is being held an incredibly important summit for our planet. During the latter our world leaders will have to agree on several points in order to take action against global warming, a topic that is vital to our cause, and biodiversity.

We hope that the 195 countries that are taking part in the meeting  to replace and better the old Kyoto agreement will keep in mind the weight of their decisions and that they will act accordingly and set aside their economic interests.

We can all do our part in order to take action against global warming, our possibilities and daily actions matter.

  • Reducing your CO2 emissions: find other alternatives to taking your car, but in case you cannot, choose a low emission model vehicle.
  • Save up on energy: from using low energy light bulbs to using more efficient household appliances, using the ac and heater moderatly, turning off the tv and shutting down your computer when you are not using it and properly isolating your house ; there are so many ways in which you can save up on energy and reduce the amount of CO2 that gets shot up into the atmosphere.
  • Reduce your water consumption.
  • Moderate your consumption, re-use and recycle: our planet is finite and so are its ressources.
  • Always try and purchase local and seasonal produce, in doing so you can help reduce the carbon footprint.
  • Make sure that you know where the wood furniture and paper that you purchase come from, ask for them to be certified.
  • Educate the younger generation: they are the ones that will suffer the consequences of climate change. It is important that the younger generation, through education, be aware of the actions they need to take in order to stop climate change.

Here at MONA we are aware of all that and that is why we have been working for years towards informing those around us with guided visits and our department MONAEduca. This way we are doing our part fighting against the injustice of our (only) planet.

We truly hope that a great agreement will be signed during the COP21.

Be part of the solution for these animals today