48 years old Suzie steps on the grass again

Suzie_per Laura Riera

48 years old Suzie steps on the grass again

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A few days ago Suzie had access to the great outdoor enclosure for the first time. And guess how she reacted?

Like a brave girl! As soon as we opened the door she jumped out straight away. We let her make that first contact on her own and she surprised us because she didn’t stop still. She investigated everything and walked everywhere, very calm at all times.

After a while, when we saw that she was already in control of the new environment, we let Coco have access to it too. And our intuition did not fail us. From that moment on, after kisses, hugs and grooming, lots of grooming, the day was even more special for Suzie. Not only was she stepping on the grass again at the age of 48, but she was doing it in the company of her new best friend.

Coco, on her side, once again showed us how great and empathetic she is. When she saw that we were going to give access to the Mutambas, MONA’s other group of chimpanzees in the neighbouring facility, she went to look for Suzie, who was wandering around her new territory. It’s as if he wanted to warn her, to save her a surprise.

We are very happy for Suzie and for this new opportunity in life.

And it wouldn’t be possible without your help. Thank you very much!


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