Still confined, with no income at the primate sanctuary

Still confined, with no income at the primate sanctuary

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Covid-19 has greatly affected our society. Our health and that of our loved ones has been threatened.

Primates lucky to live in MONA are also threatened, because it has been proven that they can become infected. But they cannot be taken to the ICU, nor do they maintain social distance. To keep them out of harm’s way, we canceled all activities and closed access to MONA even before confinement was mandatory, because we are terrified about the consequences of the virus entering the rescue center.

A small team of great people was quarantined with the primates in March. The involvement of caregivers and the effort to keep our beloved primates safe is priceless. And we are happy because this isolation has worked and everyone in the center, residents and caregivers, are still healthy.

Why is the centre being closed a problem?

We find ourselves in difficult times where we may not be able to cope with the expenses of the sanctuary for much longer:

An emergency situation

At MONA we do not receive grants. The care of the primates is greatly supported by the activities we carry out at the sanctuary. Imagine the consequences of the suspension of all our educational and training activities: very difficult financial times.

We are very worried about the consequences of this crisis, which is why we ask you to lend a helping hand.

Thank you so much! Together, we change lives


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