Juanito’s health check

Juanito’s health check

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To guarantee the welfare of our rescued primates, is necessary to realise a health check to all of them. In this occasion, to Juanito.

Realising a medical review to a chimpanzee is not an easy task, although the medical team do to seem it. Josep, our usual veterinarian, and Gerardo, the dentist, realised the review beside their big team, pending of Juanito and his welfare in each step they gave. We must also thank the “DAINA Foundation” for their collaboration, generously lending us their ultrasound.

During the morning we discover that, in spite of being the smallest, Juanito has achieved the 60 kg! An infinity number of tests were made to him: physical exploration, dental examination, blood analysis, measurement of the corporal temperature… All the necessary and more to confirm the apparent good health of Juanito.

We are waiting to recive the definite results, but we trust that they will be positive!

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