Big changes! Would you like to help us decide the new names?

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Big changes! Would you like to help us decide the new names?

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Why changing the names now?

The change of some members between our chimps’ groups at MONA is going great! And we are pretty sure to say these changes will last in time. So the time has come to change the names for the groups! The Males group is no longer only-male, and the Family also deserves a brand new name.
The candidates for names for the new groups, are names of African trees, somehow related to the chimps living in the wild. Since you are such an important part of their well-being, we’d like to invite you to take part of this major decision, that’s why we’ve made a survey.

The options to choose from, one for each group, are:

  • KINO (Pterocarpus erinaceus): Even though threatened due to overexploitation for timber, is still one of the favourite trees for chimps for nesting
  • BAOBAB (Adansonia digitata): iconic African tree, also called “monkey-bread trees”. There are some believed to be older than 4.000 years old
  • MUTAMBA (Strychnos spinosa): with a very nutritious fruit, eaten by many different animals in the wild. It is also named “spiny monkey- orange”
  • BILINGA (Nauclea diderrichii): tree that produces one of the chimps’ favourite fruits. They like them so much, there are even behavioural studies for the vocalizations they make when they find them

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