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Bea corazon

News from the heart

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Earlier this year we were greatly upset: Bea was between life and death.

Thanks to the rapid response of the caregivers, who perfectly know each of the animals and their personalities, and the expertise of our veterinarian, Bea is still alive today.

During the check-up, her problem was difficult to detect and the tests could not be repeated because her heart would not withstand anaesthesia. But that was enough to establish a pattern of medication that would save her life.

Her favourite caregivers, Barbara and Alba, after months of dedication, are managing to convince her to allow scans to be taken on her chest without having to anesthetize her and follow her health state.

We want to thank all of her adopters and all of you who donated in the fundraising campaign for her treatment, which is 1.000€ yearly.

Bea is another chimp to join our chronically ill list, but we are very happy to be able to continue providing her with the best second chance, for the years to come.

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