Katy, the absolute protagonist of these latest months

Katy, the absolute protagonist of these latest months

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We already told you that the group of macaques was living some moments of changes. Today we want to talk about Katy. She’s already 16 years old and after moving from being the boss to the lowest in rank, she now seems to be escalating positions.  We are very curious to see how this situation evolves, we’ll keep you updated.

We’ve also recently put her under a vet check (see video here) and we are very happy because all her test have proved she is healthy as a horse.

Collaborating with scientific research with wild macaques

We’ve also collaborated in the pilot phase of a pioneering study about communication and social learning, and it has been Katy who has been the most keen in participating and who has enjoyed the experiment the most. It has been developed by Ivan Garcia, PhD student for Durham University (UK), and it has taken place with the assistance of keepers and volunteers. At this moment, researcher and study are 1.200Km from here, at the final objective: the wild macaques of Gibraltar. We are very happy to be providing more information about this endangered species’ behaviour.

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