Long time no see!

Long time no see!

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Phase 1 of decontamination, almost three months without seeing the primates. (Well, that’s not counting some video calls. Tears of joy with the little kisses that Juanito gave me through the screen). I get out of the car, my heart races “Is it possible that Charly is already recognizing me with the mask and sunglasses from so far away? After a greeting to my colleagues (keeping the 2 meters distance, of course), I rush to disinfect my shoes and go to the Mutamba’s viewpoint. Then there is no longer any doubt, Charly had recognized me, because when I arrived he turned his back on me.

He is very upset with me. He always gets angry when I go on vacation for two weeks. This time I think it will be harder for him to forgive me. I greet Juanito, Marco and Bongo who have come to the perimeter to welcome me and every time I catch Charly looking at me out of the corner of his eye. I wish I could explain everything to you, Charly. Or maybe you wouldn’t understand the senselessness of the human being’s vileness that has led us both to this situation…


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