MONA 2019 Calendar

MONA 2019 Calendar

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In this calendar you will find much more than 12 months and 12 photographs, you will discover 12 emotions

We invite you to read the photographs and get excited as the primates that appear in them do. Because they feel too. They felt ridiculed, humiliated and terrified to be turned into actors, clowns or pets. They felt rejected, wounded and alone when they were abandoned because they were no longer useful for their task. But they also felt the surprise and hope of being rescued and, now, in their new life in the Rehabilitation Center of Fundació MONA, they feel accepted, respected, happy, safe and liberated. They feel ALIVE and it is thanks to you that, with the purchase of this calendar, you help us to give them a dignified life free of suffering.

Feel and live the best moments on this 2019!



Thank you Héctor Jácome for giving us the magic that you discover with your camera in the detail of a hand, a gesture or a look.
Thank you I/O STUDIO for the wonderful graphic design work.
Thanks to all the solidarity companies  for collaborating and making possible, one more year, the realization of the Mona’s calendar.
And thanks to YOU, because with the purchase of this calendar you help us to give a dignified life to all the primates of MONA and to make this project a reality.

Be part of the solution for these animals today