Other Ways

 Discover other ways you can help.

Did you know that making your online purchases you can make a donation to MONA without paying a penny more? It's simple, it's not about buying more. You just need to remember to go to www.wapsi.org/ong/fundacion-mona and from there access your usual online stores!

Did you know that you can help MONA when you buy online, without paying a single euro more? You can help us financing our projects when you are buying new shoes, buying a birthday gift for a special person or even when you are booking your next vacation. Just sign up Helpfreely here: www.helpfree.ly/j18202 and part of those purchases or reservations you make will automatically go to MONA.

Please contact us if you have materials related to the following: construction, office, garden, veterinarian, etc. you want to donate. Click here to see exactly what materials are needed.

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