Vivotecnia rescue update

Vivotecnia rescue update

Foto credit: Cruelty Free International/ Carlota Saorsa

In recent days, cases of mistreatment in Vivotecnia (Tres Cantos, Madrid) have come to light thanks to images made public by the NGO Cruelty Free International.

Monkeys, mice, dogs, pigs, cats, rats, rabbits… all victims of the worst cruelty and cruelty by laboratory workers, far from any legality.

Thanks to the pressure and effort of many organizations and individuals, the Community of Madrid suspended the research activity and it seemed that in a few hours all the animals would be removed from this living hell. But now it seems that the process has been paralyzed, awaiting a judicial process.

Protestors against Vivotecnia (source: Animanaturalis)


Although the exact number of animals and their condition is unknown, as well as the species of primates they are experimenting with, MONA will do our best to take in and relocate the primates. We only hope, for their sake, that it will be as soon as possible.

Infinite thanks to Cruelty Free International for uncovering the horrors of the laboratory and to all the people and organizations that have been in Tres Cantos leading this action.

Hopefully this case will serve as a before and after in the real control of the things that happen behind the walls of a laboratory or, being optimistic, even serve to modify the legislation in reference to animal experimentation.


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If you live in Barcelonès, you can join the mani on Sunday 18 April at Vivotecnia’s headquarters in Barcelona.
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