17 years, 17 presents

17 years, 17 presents

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Another year! And they are already 17. Those who know Nico, you know how significant and important this number is. (If you do not know Nico, you can know more about him here). Would you like to contribute to his well-being? Make him a gift on his 17th birthday!

1Adopt him.Your help will allow us to make plans for the future, long-term plans, since Nico today turns 17, but he has a long journey to go, and can even exceed 65 years of life!

Adopt Nico

2Dried fruit: nuts, almonds, hazelnuts, peanuts, pipes ... he loves them and they are very healthy! Of course, as long as they are not toasted or salt.

Dried fruit monthly cost

3Give Nico something sweet: pears! Pear is one of his favorite fruits.

Pears monthly cost

4Give him oranges so that we can make him big glasses of juice with which to load of vitamin C and be able to overcome the hard and cold winter.

Oranges monthly cost

5Seasonal fruit: Nico loves it and looks forward to it ... because he can only eat it occasionally!

Seasonal fruit monthly cost

6Help us with the cost of Nico's annual veterinary review essential to control the state of his illness and to offer him a dignified, happy and pain-free life.

Annual veterinary review cost

7Give him health, give him medicines and pharmaceuticals that can contribute to his well-being.

Medicines and veterinary equipment

8Feed him for only 1€ a month! 1€ per month may seem insignificant, but the sum of many makes the difference.

Join our Teaming group

9Come and meet him personally, visit him and bring your friends, family, co-workers with you... With your visit you will also be helping Nico.

Visit Nico, visit Mona

10Sweets! Nobody bitter a sweet and much less on the day of his/her birthday. Give Nico raisins, dates, plums, honey and marmalade. Of course, without sugar!

11Every birthday party must have music. Nico likes it and he relaxes listening to it, but for this we need a radio-CD. Help us getting it!

12Toys! Give him tennis balls, basketball or soccer.

13Winter is long, the days are shorter, the temperatures very low... Painting will help Nico to spend the grayest days. He loves to draw! But remember: the painting must be edible, because he also likes to taste it!

14And for more fun: colorful fabrics! Nico likes to play with them and take them from one side to the other of the facility. Pink, green, orange ... The most striking they are, the better!

15Do you know what a kong is? That rubber contraption in which you usually hide food for dogs? It's also a perfect enrichment for Nico.

16Like a good chimpanzee,Nico loves to climb, run, jump ... The one who knows him knows that there is no more playful and restless chimpanzee. Help us enriching his installation with thick ropes of natural fiber or nets.

17Make a donation and you will also be contributing to his well-being.

Make a donation


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