Nico has an x-ray done!

Nico has an x-ray done!

Even if Nico hasn’t showed any signs of self-harming for months now, he still had a lot of his old wounds.

On october 6th we took him to have a x-ray done of his left hand.

In the early hours of the morning we took him to the Clinican vet clinic, near the town of Cassà de la Selva. He was very calm during the ride and he kept looking out of his cage out of pure curiosity. We did not have to anesthetize him to get the x-ray done, he was very cooperative and did not complicate the whole process. Thanks to the x-ray we were able to make sure that Nico’s bones weren’t infected however it seems that he has artritis in one of his fingers due to his old wounds.

We will keep you posted!

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