SIGMA SERVEIS, solidarity with primates

SIGMA SERVEIS, solidarity with primates

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Do you believe in coincidences? We did, especially since we met SIGMA SERVEIS.

SIGMA SERVEIS came to visit our primate rescue center to learn about our work and to help our rescued primates, but … Who was going to say that they could help us that day? As if our electrical installation knew they were there, it stopped working and we lost electricity throughout the center. Thanks to SIGMA SERVEIS’ advice, the problem was solved in an instant. They even charged with the repair payment! And, as it could not be otherwise, at that same moment they became a MONASUPPORT company.

But SIGMA SERVEIS can not only help you with electricity, they can also do it with the air conditioning, heating, plumbing and a long list of services that you will find on their website.

Thank you SIGMA SERVEIS for your experience, your efficiency, your treatment and your solidarity with the primates rescued by Mona.

Be part of the solution for these animals today