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Thousands of primates disappear every year and we get the blame for that.

Why? You may ask…

In our daily lives we are worried about our appearance, the decoration of our room, the timetable of endless tasks we undertake or our mobile phone and the thousands of messages awaiting for a reply… However, these concerns and anxieties are not more than trivial ways.

If we stop for a while to observe, we would be able to see that every little action we take, however small it is, can lead to terrible consequences on the other side of the world. We live in a constant “Domino Effect“.

These are just some examples of the devastating consequences of our daily actions: the palm oil deforestation, the problems associated with coltan, the irresponsible tourism or the pet trade.

Many of us devote our daily efforts and work to the struggle for environmental conservation and the protection and welfare of the species and now we ask you to join us. During 2016 and the “Year of the Monkey” we will launch several campaigns to raise awareness of the current plight of primates, and together let’s be a part of the solution.

Join us and say: is not my fault that thousands of primates disappear every year!

Be part of the solution for these animals today