The world’s cutest and sweetest “mona” is now available!

The world’s cutest and sweetest “mona” is now available!

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The “cutest Mona” returns and will be a special post-confinement piece
Like many other celebrations, this year’s Mona Day will be very different in many homes.

The Rocambolesc team, led by Alejandra Rivas and Jordi Roca, already has everything ready to start making their solidarity monas to help our primates. (“mona” is the Catalan name for traditional cakes and chocolate figures given by the godparents on Easter week’s last day, some with so much complexity and detail they can be considered pieces of art).


This little artwork piece, a sculpture made of the best cocoas, can be found in two varieties:.

  • Dark chocolate
  • Milk chocolate

This time it won’t be April 13th, but it will be! One more year, this sweet collaboration will take place and it will be to celebrate the moment when we will meet again with our grandparents, uncles, cousins … in short, to enjoy the moment of being again with our loved ones.



This is a LIMITED EDITION! Order now before it is too late

  • Where do you pick it up? At Rocambolesc stores in Barcelona or Girona. (You have to indicate it at the moment of the order)
  • When? We will let you know as soon as the mobility restrictions are lifted and you can start picking your order.




Rocambolesc & MONA,

together working for the future of the primates


Become part of the solution for these animals today