The MONOvarietal, a unique and solidarity wine

The MONOvarietal, a unique and solidarity wine

A few years ago, the Mona Foundation and wine cellar La Vinyeta in Mollet de Peralada worked together and in 2018 we have joined forces and passion to create a unique and solidarity product: the MONOvarietal. There are two wines, a white , “Abu” (one of our 4 macaques of Berbería) and a black, “Bongo” (one of our 14 chimpanzees).

Why are they called Mono?

They are called Mono because they are wines made with a single variety of grapes. In the case of white wine, Malvasia has been used and, for black, Monestrell, two very old varieties of the Empordà that the La Vinyeta winery has recovered. It is noteworthy that they are vegan wines. No animal derivative or gelatin has been used in the process of elaboration.

This is a LIMITED EDITION to 3,500 units of each variety, which can be purchased at specialized stores, in La Vinyeta, the Mona Foundation and in some restaurants in the Girona district and all those who want to add will be welcome! The price of each bottle in the store is 7.5 euros and a portion of the benefits will be used for MONA.

Restaurants where you can find them:

Can Xiquet
Mas Canyet
Restaurant Campllong
Noguera Pastissers
Les Oliveres

Hotel Sallés
Via Augusta
Can Barris
Club Esportiu Les Gavarres

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