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EVA SEEDS, new solidarity company

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We started this 2017 with great news! It seems that our wishes are fulfilled and more and more companies are joining our cause.

In this year, EVA SEEDS has decided to join our solidarity companies network which plant that small seed that causes the root to grow and break under ground. The buds, as Jane Goodall said, may appear small and weak, but they can pierce a concrete wall to reach the light. That is why we thank them, for wanting help us to reach that light: the protection and welfare for primates.

UNTAGGED, solidarity conference

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UNTAGGED is the first Digital Analytics and Big Data conference in Spain designed exclusively for experienced digital analysts. The event, organized by David Vallejo and Natzir Turrado, took place on November 9 at Google Campus Madrid and was totally free, non-profit and solidarity! It was proposed to the attendees to give what they thought it fitting to be for SAVECHILDREN and FUNDACIÓN MONA and … it was a success!

Thanks to the organizers and assistants for their solidarity and contribution to the welfare of the primates rescued by MONA. Thank you for demonstrating that step by step, one by one, a better future is possible.

Know more about it → @untagged_io

Dentist appointment!

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Toni had not been the same for days; Apathetic, afflicted and with little appetite, he was having difficulties for eating. Something wasn’t right on he and we suspected that the problem was in his teeth. This theory was confirmed by Gerardo, the dentist, after a review. Just a few days later, Gerardo came to the Recovery Center to perform a more exhaustive check that finally ended up becoming a 2 hour intervention! Finally, and thanks to Gerardo, we were able to shed light on Toni’s problem: one of his teeth had broken off causing him an unpleasant and annoying infection.

The surprise came the next day when Toni woke up more cheerful than ever, playful and affectionate, even encouraging himself to eat carrots!

This improvement is due to him, Gerardo, who comes to our rescue whenever we need him. Africa, Toni, Tico and all the primates rescued by MONA are more than grateful for his care, attention and sensitivity.

Thank you Dr. Gerardo Ruales Suárez for improving the quality of life of our rescued primates!

AIGUA FILMS joins MONA’S solidarity companies network

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Aigua Films is a producer specializes in creating documentary films. For many years they are supporting and following closely our project, participating even in some of the research courses conducted in the recovery center.

Their involvement in the struggle for the protection and welfare of primates has led them to collaborate with us by broadcasting our work in MONA giving support to the important work of awareness.

Joan Cutrina & MONA, together for the primates

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Joan Cutrina, a filmmaker, storyteller and observer from Barcelona, has worked in many films, short films, cinema and television projects, TV programs, fiction and documentaries. He also has worked on production and filmmaking in music videos, publicity campaigns and concerts with many important artists. You can know more about him, his work and projects in http://www.joancutrina.com/ You can also find him in Facebook and Twitter.

Recently, we had the pleasure to have Joan Cutrina in our facilities producing an ad about our rescue center to show the real situation of primates. But it wasn’t the first collaboration of Joan with MONA. He offered us his help in many occasions and always transmits us his positive energy. THANK YOU JOAN!

MésQue Televisió, new Solidarity Company

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MésQue Televisió is a production company specialized in corporate communication and management of new media such as digital signage (Digital Signage).

They manage the contents of the Generalitat Catalonia Railways (FGC) channel and are pioneers in disseminating the Social Responsibility of companies and organizations in the country. Therefore, during the month of August, they issued two spots to help Mona Rescue Center showing the current status of primates.

Thank you MésQue Televisió for being part of the solidarity companies network of Fundació Mona!

⇒ Know more about them in vimeo.

Playing with EVA to change the world

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Dekimba is a project born with the desire to provide an education more compassionate, respectful and fair with other animal species. They opt for the realisation of educational leisure activities, training in humane education and collaboration with defence agencies and animal protection, searching and distribution of existing materials and creating their own materials.

This last line of work has begun with EVA, a cooperative board game for children from 4 years. The game show the story of Eva, a chimpanzee captured in her natural habitat and forced to work in films and television, which manages to escape thanks to a neglect of her caregivers. Participants have the opportunity to help her escaping to a refuge of primates. It is perfect for groups of children who start playing board games, because it is short and exciting.

Dekimba believes that collaboration between institutions, projects and professionals involved in the paradigm shift is essential to achieve real changes for the other animals. Therefore, of each game sold, 2 euros will be destined to Fundació MONA.

Playing, the children are drawing what will be their world, full of values and meanings. The game gives them the freedom to test, investigate and get into the skin of countless characters, living all kinds of situations. Between imagination and reality, they build their personality based on experiences, human relations and the environment. If we give them the opportunity to learn a different way of relating to other animals, more in keeping with a truly humane society, we are betting on a better future for all.

EVA, along with other stories and games, can be achieved on the web www.dekimba.org.

Source: El Caballo de Nietzsche


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We try to share our work with the public, because we know that the problems the primates face can be solved by raising awareness about the necessity to protect nature and our closest evolutionary relatives.

Thanks to Divertium, publicize their current situation will be much easier.

Divertium is an application that brings you a world of activities, leisure, culture … in which also you can find MONA and our guided tours.

If you want to plan a fun evening or a weekend with the family or arranging in advance a special day… you have it in Divertium, in real time and from anywhere in Catalonia. Know them in: http://www.divertium.net/

Thanks for thinking of us, for this opportunity and for allowing us to publicize our work. It’s thanks to people like you that this project goes ahead.

Welcome to our MONA family!

Toni and Nico, happier thanks to ANNABIS from GREEN MOTIV, S.L.

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Greenmotiv born from the demand of natural, alternative and innovative therapeutic products in the Spanish market. The innovation is given by the common active ingredient in all products distributed: hemp.

Through their innovation and their new line of natural products indicated to relieve muscle and joint pain, Nico and Toni, two chimpanzees with strong physical problems, will enjoy a better health, thereby increasing their welfare.

Thank you from the whole team of primates, humans and non humans of MONA, for your cooperation.

If you want to know more about them and their products, you can visit their website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

We are immensely grateful. MONA advances thanks to the addition of people like you.

Welcome to our team!

A new sweet MONASupport company!

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Guess who joined us and became a MONASupport company? Gelateria Rocambolesc!

It all started with the creation of a sweet work of art, a ‘mona’ in chocolate that everyone loved! Now the collaboration between Mona and Rocambolesc is taking another step, they have just become one of Mona’s support companies!

The project Rocambolesc, is part of Jordi Roca’s dream to bring traditional desserts back to El Celler de Can Roca. They had disappeared from the menu before Roca took over.

Thank you to Rocambolesc for supporting MONA and welcome to our team!

Follow them on Facebook and Twitter!

Become part of the solution for these animals today