MORENO METALLS, a great collaboration

MORENO METALLS, a great collaboration

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In MONA Foundation we bet for the ethological research and we work in the formation and promotion of the scientific research. Maria Padrell is an example of this.

Maria is doing her doctoral thesis in Primatology in Mona (a project with Fundació Bancària “La Caixa”) focused on understanding the interaction between emotion, cognition and animal welfare, from a comparative and evolutionary point of view. To this end, she has created a labyrinth that provides chimpanzees a cognitive type of enrichment.

But the construction and installation of this cognitive puzzle would not have been possible without the collaboration of MORENO METALLS, a company dedicated to the cutting and deformation of plates and the manufacture of metal structures, which has donated the necessary material for its manufacture.

You can find more information about MORENO METALLS here.

You can also follow the use of the cognitive labyrinth by Mona’s primates in: Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram.

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