Other MONASupport company: Idonea Personal Cosmetics

Other MONASupport company: Idonea Personal Cosmetics

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The company Idonea Personal Cosmetics, a reference in facial analysis and personalized cosmetics in the Pharmacy channel, has started a collaboration project with us, providing us with digital material to improve and speed up our work and make the visit of the attendees more interactive.

IDONEA transforms pharmacies into expert pharmacies in dermocosmetics.

They offer an exclusive service: Through their SCA (Skin CareAssistant), they perform a previous facial analysis that other brands of dermocosmetics do not offer, the customization of the treatment for each one of their users, the continuous training in dermocosmetics in the pharmacy staff and the innovation and development of their software. All these factors make for a unique experience that only the right pharmacies can offer.

Visit their website and learn more about IDONEA, specialists in advanced dermocosmetics, personalized cosmetics and now also specialists in contributing to the wellfare of primates rescued by Mona!

Be part of the solution for these animals today