The second solar solidarity generator is here!

The second solar solidarity generator is here!

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Just a few months ago more than 5000 people decided to give the first solar generator to El Refugio del Burrito and Mona was very close to getting it. But Ecooo Revolución Solar believes that it is necessary to recognize the essential work that organizations like Mona do and therefore, they repeat the initiative and give us a second chance!

The most voted entity will be the beneficiary of an installation of 5 monocrystalline photovoltaic modules of 1.5 kW of power that, on a surface of about 10 m2 of roof, will generate solar energy during the next 30 years.

There are currently 18 primates living in Mona and we want to offer them the best possible quality of life. Our expenditure on electricity is about 600 euros per month. Having access to sustainable energy would help us to reduce these costs and allocate our income to the welfare of our rescued primates and would also allow us to help all those primates that continue languishing in terrible conditions. In the same way, reducing costs would help us to promote such important and essential areas as Education and Research to work on the conservation and protection of the environment.

However, our greatest motivation is to be able to make an ethical and responsible consumption with the environment and thus fulfill our commitment to the planet. Would you help us?

From 7 May to 7 June you can vote for Mona and contribute to the welfare of our rescued primates.


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