Helping primates is easy!

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Helping primates is easy!

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A good diet is fundamental for the well-being of our rescued primates and offering them a rich, healthy and balanced diet is easier every day thanks to you and your donations.

The bread that Cal Flequer provides us has a very important role in the diet of the rescued primates, not only because they love it, but also because it helps them cleaning their teeth!


But if there is anything they love, it’s the yogurt of Llet Nostra. It gives them the necessary source of protein they need in their diet while they enjoy tasting such a sweet product.


However, if we talk about sweet products, the honey is the queen! The honey of Abellaires Empordanesos allows us to prepare wonderful enrichments and thus, sweeten the daily life of the new life of our rescued primates.


Contributing to the welfare of primates is very simple. Would you like to do as Abellaires Empordanesos, Llet Nostra or Cal Flequer? Write us to


Be part of the solution for these animals today