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We try to share our work with the public, because we know that the problems the primates face can be solved by raising awareness about the necessity to protect nature and our closest evolutionary relatives.

Thanks to Divertium, publicize their current situation will be much easier.

Divertium is an application that brings you a world of activities, leisure, culture … in which also you can find MONA and our guided tours.

If you want to plan a fun evening or a weekend with the family or arranging in advance a special day… you have it in Divertium, in real time and from anywhere in Catalonia. Know them in: http://www.divertium.net/

Thanks for thinking of us, for this opportunity and for allowing us to publicize our work. It’s thanks to people like you that this project goes ahead.

Welcome to our MONA family!

Become part of the solution for these animals today