De cómo los animales viven y mueren, Javier Ruiz

De cómo los animales viven y mueren, Javier Ruiz

In this book, Javier Ruiz brings a good amount of information to address an issue that has often been treated too trivial and proposes a reflection, balanced and charged with a responsible ethical sense, to analyze our relationship with other animals and the consequences that our actions have on them, on the planet and on ourselves.

“We must know and be moved, we must be able to feel and live the pain of those around us.” This is just one of the wonderful reflections left by the prologue written by the DR. MIQUEL LLORENTE ESPINO, Director del Institut de Recerca i Estudis en Primatologia, Responsable de Investigación en Fundación Mona y Presidente de la Asociación Primatológica Española.

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