With CiviClub, every day you can do good things

With CiviClub, every day you can do good things

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CiviClub is a platform to promote and reward good practices, to make products and services known on line with this philosophy and to make every day a little more sustainable, solidarity and healthy.

This is CiviClub, the idea of ​​encouraging sustainability, solidarity and healthy habits, as the main axes of civism. And they want to make it fun, through the game, giving points (Civis) that we can change for gifts every time we do an action that positively impacts our environment and people.

You can get gifts for yourself, or make solidarity gifts, like turning your Civis into bananas for MONA Foundation primates!
From here we thank CiviClub for their wonderful initiative, for the enthusiasm and desire they have put into this project and for letting us become part of it. Thanks also to all those people who have already collaborated with MONA, turning their Civis into bananas for rescued primates. Discover their joy by receiving them!

Be part of the solution for these animals today