MONA 2020 Charity Calendar

MONA 2020 Charity Calendar

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A past that explains present and future

This year we wanted to remember the first years of MONA and the first primates we rescued. Perhaps because the time for change is approaching, perhaps because of the nostalgia of those who are no longer with us…

This calendar is a trip through the ORIGINS of the Foundation. In each month, in each picture, a life. And many souls, those of all those people who dedicate their lives to make this happen.

Thanks to all of you who have been part of this project, and to all of you who will be part of it dedicating your life, investing your talent, energy and love to change the world. It will not be easy but, while we achieve it, we will change their worlds. We will change their stories. WE WILL SAVE LIVES.

You can buy the MONA 2020 Charity Calendar HERE


Thanks to Mireia for giving us the pleasure of deeping into our memory by bringing out the most beautiful memories through her pictures.

Thanks to Gustavo for giving us a meticulous design work resulting from his passion, curious look and rigorous work.

Thanks to all the Solidarity Companies for collaborating and making possible, one more year, the creation of Mona’s charity calendar.

And thanks to YOU, because with the purchase of this calendar you help us to give a dignified life to all the primates of MONA and to make this project a reality.


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