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Your donation changes lives. It is of vital importance to keep our Primate Rescue centre going on, a Sanctuary where chimps and macaques recover from terrible years of isolation and abuse.

Our mission is to rescue them, rehabilitate them physically and mentally and provide them with a happy live in a group of their own kind within a spacious and natural installation. We strive to give them the type of life they should have had in the wild, giving them back their dignity they so much deserve.

We are working for primate welfare, together we are changing lives!

Helping us has tax advantages: you can deduct a minimum of 80% of your donation. More info here.



+ 30 primates

We rescued abused primates. We rehabilitate them physically and mentally and offer them a second life in a group.

+ 9000 students

Formats in primatology. We are committed to ethological research, to monitor and improve the welfare of rescued animals.

+100.000 visitors

We explain our work to the public in order to sensitize and reduce the risks of these threatened species.

Tax advantages: you can deduct a minimum of 80% of your donation. More information here.

Legal notice: Personal data collected will only be processed for the stated purpose and only with the user’s consent. It will in no case be transferred to third parties.

Become part of the solution for these animals today