Recicle your Mobile

The MONA Foundation is conducting an on-going campaign of collecting and recycling mobile phones.
Got any unused mobile phones in your drawers at home? Send them to us so that they can help reduce the overall impact of coltan mining and help support MONA. For every phone we turn in to be recycled, the company Eurekamovil gives MONA a small donation.
Recycle and help MONA today by bringing in you or your friend’s mobile phone to MONA or mail it to us free of charge by printing this label (Spain free shiping only).
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Do you know …

It is the rock from which tantalum is extracted. It is rare in nature and has become crucial for technological advancement due to its applications. In the case of mobile phones it helps maintain the battery charge longer.

Coltan trade and mining is totally militarized and has caused a serious sociopolitical imbalance in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), a country with 80% of the world's Coltan reserves. In addition, militias in Burundi, Rwanda, and Uganda smuggle the material, with logistical and weapon support, often from foreign governments such as the US, Holland, and Belgium… The miners, many of them children, collect clay (which is rich in Coltan) in subhuman conditions. Tantalum fever has also pushed thousands of miners into national parks east of the country causing serious damage to the ecosystems and endangered species like chimpanzees and mountain gorillas.

Because about 90% of the pieces obtained from recycled mobile phones are reusable. Because according to some sources 5.5 million people have died and 2 million became refugees due to the fighting over the control of the mines. Furthermore, the population is negatively affected because the armies live from looting and exercising all kinds of violence. Men are kidnapped to work as slaves, children separated from their families and women are raped systematically and thus rejected by their families.

“It’s in your hands to help reduce consumption of Coltan. Give value to your small daily acts “

Become part of the solution for these animals today

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